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For the Better Podcast: Using digital engagement services in healthcare to enhance the consumer experience

Summary: Consumers are increasingly seeking self-service options to take control of their healthcare. On this episode of For the Better, we sit down with Richard Baldwin of Prisma Health to explore how they've empowered patients through technology.

Prisma Health is using engaging digital tools, including AI, to better serve their patients and meet them where they are.

Why it matters

Big retailers like Amazon, CVS, and Wal-Mart have long been harnessing technology to reduce friction in the buying process. Now consumers have come to expect these same experiences from their healthcare providers.

What's happening

  • Prisma Health is using their tool, Care Finder, to help patients schedule appointments

  • They're also offering telehealth options so patients can see a doctor from home

  • Prisma Health is partnering with other companies to fill any gaps in their services

  • They see artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to further improve the patient experience, especially when it comes to scheduling appointments

The expert insight

AI tools, like symptom checkers, are already widely adopted and can provide measurable efficiencies in assuring that patients get the right care. But AI has limitations, and healthcare won't move as fast as tech will. For now, it's best use is routing patients to what they need, and then connecting them with a human that can deliver care.

Partnerships, not parity

The tech giants like Apple and Google are making great strides in AI and health tech across a wide spectrum of tools, but healthcare systems won't be in a position to adopt and align with them for several years. There's too much risk for error, and consumer's threshold for error tolerance is much lower for AI than for humans.

Listen to the podcast and learn more

To hear more from Richard, and get a full picture of how Prisma Health is harnessing AI, listen to the podcast on your favorite streaming service.

Listen to the episode: Using digital engagement services in healthcare to enhance the consumer experience.