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For the Better Podcast: The evolving landscape of healthcare data analytics

Summary: In a time where healthcare data analytics is rife with security concerns, we explore how hospitals and healthcare systems are finding their way amidst changing regulatory guidelines and privacy standards. On this episode of For the Better, we sit down with Adam Kruse of Unlock Health and our own Christy Jones to explore the conundrum.

Healthcare organizations are now tasked with the challenge of not just optimizing their digital marketing strategy, but also aligning it with new data security and privacy requirements. This isn't a setback, but an opportunity, driving the industry to innovate solutions that promise more control and transparency in handling sensitive data.

Why it matters

Healthcare data analytics plays a vital role in patient acquisition, retention, and customized treatment plans. However, recent changes in HHS guidelines mean that healthcare organizations have to rethink how they handle personal health information.

What's happening

  • Due to the severe implications of HHS and HIPAA violations, many health organizations are turning off their analytics altogether. This forces them to operate in the dark, with no clear data that shows the patient journey from awareness to conversion.

  • Big tech companies like Google have also announced that they will no longer sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA), prompting healthcare institutions to search for alternative providers that offer HIPAA compliant services.

  • The new solutions used should enable control and transparency of the data being collected to ensure compliance and security.

The expert insight

Healthcare organizations are urged to not completely depend on traditional analytics platforms for storing health information. Even seemingly unrelated aspects like marketing campaigns and emails are impacted by this shift.

Emerging alternatives

There are several HIPAA compliant alternatives available to healthcare marketers, including PiwikPro, Freshpaint, and Heap. Additionally, companies like Unlock Health have introduced internal tracking solutions, like the Privacy Defender, which uses a customized tracking solution built specifically for healthcare.

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Listen to the episode: The evolving landscape of healthcare data analytics