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For the Better Podcast: How digital ethnography can enhance consumer engagement with Dean Browell, PhD

Summary: In the first episode of season 2 of For the Better, Ben Cash explores the practice and value of digital ethnography, with Feedback's Chief Behavioral Officer, Dean Browell

Digital ethnography goes beyond surveys, offering real-time insights into online consumer behaviors, crucial for organizations navigating the dynamic landscape of today's market.

Why it matters

Digital ethnography's ability to study unprompted online behaviors provides organizations with an accurate pulse of their audience, challenging the limitations of traditional survey methods.

The expert insight

Dean Browell, an author, educator, and leading figure in digital communications, brings a wealth of knowledge to decoding how generations engage online, emphasizing the importance of fresh research.

Unveiling digital ethnography's power

Unlike traditional research methods like surveys, digital ethnography seeks to understand what consumers really think by uncovering what they say "in the wild," an unprompted.

The necessity for fresh insights

Dean emphasizes the urgency of staying updated on consumer behaviors, especially in the ever-shifting dynamics of the pandemic era.

Between the lines

  • Unlike NPS scores, digital ethnography reveals actual consumer actions, not just intentions.

  •  The approach captures the nuances of online engagement, uncovering detailed insights from condition-specific threads to generational variances.

  • Organizations risk outdated strategies with stagnant data; digital ethnography offers a real-time understanding of evolving consumer needs.

Listen to the podcast & learn more

To hear more from Dean and discover the value of digital ethnography, listen to the podcast on your favorite streaming service.

Listen to the episode: "How digital ethnography can enhance consumer engagement.

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