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A child is sitting on the bed of an MRI machine

Making giving easier for Canada's premiere children's hospital

Canada’s Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is one of the world’s foremost pediatric healthcare institutions. In order to support the innovative, life-changing care it provides for children, the hospital needs to constantly raise funds for updates, new facilities and equipment.

Overseeing fundraising efforts for the hospital is the SickKids Foundation. Unfortunately, its website was not digitally optimized to convert visitors into donors, due to a cumbersome nine-step donation process. The site also lacked content organization, confusing visitors.

Reimagining SickKids' donation flow

The main goal was to simplify the donation process. The Foundation also wanted the new site to have A/B testing capabilities to continually learn what was most effective in attracting donors. And, of course, it needed insight into users if they wanted to convert them.

Reason One first segmented the core steps of the donation journey, conducting extensive user workshops to determine audience intent. The analytics team evaluated trends in user engagement, potential website gaps and where donors exited the site. It then built a dynamic and modern website worthy of the work the Foundation needed to achieve.

The redesigned donation experience from Reason One resulted in:

  • Eliminating three steps from the donation journey

  • Optimizing user conversions and boosting performance using A/B testing 

  • An easier donation completion process

  • Greater alignment across stakeholders and unified decision making

SickKids donation page, featuring a choice for one time or monthly donation, enhanced with a photo of a patient.
SickKids donation experience on desktop featuring Thank You page, enhanced by a picture of a mother and her baby.
SickKids mobile donation experience, featuring a selection for a one-time or monthly donation.
SickKids donation experience showing errors.
SickKids donation experience featuring payment information request.