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Cash for change: For the Better podcast is live!

Summary: From digital agencies to wine makers to boutique children's items, the guests on For the Better have one thing in common: they’re making an impact.

The last couple of years have meant a lot of different things to us each individually, but collectively, this period has been marked by once constant: change.

I started this podcast as a way to learn from other change-minded folks who want to use their business or organization as a force for good. If it helps me (and you) lean in to change and lead with a little more curiosity, then I’ll count it as a win.

For the Better officially launched this week, and we already have a number of great guests who have talked to us about change:

… and more.

If you’re as curious about change—and the individuals who make it—as I am, have a listen. I hope our guests and their stories spark inspiration for your journey of change.

If you’re someone who is creating change in your team, organization, or community, let’s talk! I’m always looking to learn from others, and amplify the positive impact they’re making.