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Doing well while doing good: 3 reasons to hire a B Corp for your digital agency

Summary: B Corps are held to high performance standards, attract and retain top talent, and are accountable to all stakeholders. This translates to benefits for clients like access to skilled professionals, efficient project completion, and a guarantee of positive impact.

Ben & Jerry’s is a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). When it comes to decisions, they must consider the impact on both shareholders and those with non-financial interests, including employees, vendors, customers, even the environment. Regardless, if Cherry Garcia tasted like herring, we’d be gone. And we’d expect nothing less from the customers who rely on our digital design and accessible website services.

Foremost, a company has to offer a product that solves a market need. So while we’re proud to be B Corp and use our business as a force for good, we’re equally focused on innovative work that positively impacts the bottom line. After all, a B Corp is a for-profit corporation, just one that follows a triple-bottom-line. We consider how our actions will affect profits, people and the planet. We’re purpose driven, create benefits for all stakeholders, and adhere to the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence which states “businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.”

It’s an approach that’s good for business, too. McKinsey & Company research shows organizations who integrate environmental, social and corporate governance into strategies outperform peers. They note, “The message is clear: not only can you do well while doing good — you can do better.”

Here are three reasons to hire a B Corp as your digital agency.

B Corps have higher performance standards

B Corps must report on product impact. And no matter if it’s an accessible web design aimed at reaching an underserved community or an app to drive fundraising for a new hospital wing, we have to prove that performance goals are met. Further, B Corps must report on every aspect of their supply chain and its impact on people, communities and local and global environments. 

For us, that means conducting deep user research up front so work is done right the first time, saving our customers time and money. When it comes to projects like a healthcare system bringing telehealth to rural communities, strong performance is critical for overcoming slower connections and older devises. 

Simply put, B Corps are held to higher performance standards, and as a result, they’ll perform better for you.

B Corps attract and keep better talent

People who work at B Corps are mission-driven and want to help society. Not only does it appeal to digital craftspeople at the top of their game, it attracts those with a mission mindset. And because we’re selective about the companies we partner with, our teams go above and beyond to ensure they achieve their goals. 

To be B Corp certified, employee salaries must must meet or exceed living wage standards, and family living wage standards in the communities they live, in addition to pay equity. This boosts an employee’s sense of value which usually translates into better treatment of customers. Also, when you actively prevent employees from being overloaded, you create a work-life balance that enables them to bring their best to the job every day and heads off burnout.

As a result, B Corps hold on to talent, resulting in greater continuity and better end results. 

B Corps are accountable

To become a B Corp, a business has to legally change their governance to be accountable to all stakeholders. Certification requires passing a rigorous B Impact Assessment which verifies a business adheres to high performance, accountability and transparency standards in areas from employee benefits to charitable donations to supply chain activities. This process must be repeated every three years.

Key to this is that B Corps certification is done by an independent organization. This means transparency and truthfulness about social and environmental impact, ensuring all B Corps walk the talk, eliminating “greenwashing.” We also have to report on the impact of our products, proving that they did such things as reach an underserved community or successfully raise funds. In short, we are held accountable for our performance.

B Corps are the best of both worlds

Ten million nonprofits exist globally, while there are over 333 million businesses. B Corps recognize the collective impact this movement could bring and seek to create solutions to answer the challenges facing society.

B Corp offers the best of both worlds by combining a nonprofit's social concern with a for-profit's competitiveness. When it comes to digital design and development, the benefits for customers are many – access to top talent, speed and savings, assured performance – underpinned by the passion and commitment of mission-driven teams.

Learn more about how we live our B Corp values while helping our clients achieve their goals.