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Problem solvers & changemakers

Who we are

People behind the process

We're makers, doers, and students of the game. A diverse team of talent coming together to change what's possible for the brands we work with.

Our team comes from all different backgrounds — from technical or creative, from Toronto or Charleston. But one thing unifies us all: helping our clients who do good work, do even better.

  • Strategic Account Manager

    Lauren Reyes-Grange

    Lauren conducts user research, maps out project strategy, and finds time to author a children’s book series. Her enthusiasm for her work (and life!) is our daily inspo.

  • Application Development Manager

    Dwayne Grant

    As tech lead, Dwayne turns client needs and our creative visions into practical realities. A Kentico certified developer from 9-5, a dad and DJ 24/7.

  • Product Manager

    Chinenye Charles

    A gamer and natural problem-solver, Chinenye works with teams and clients to align user experience and business requirements so everyone wins.

  • Director of Marketing & Optimization

    Christy Jones

    Master of data (and puns), Christy works on SEO and performance. An analytics expert, Kentico-certified Marketer, with an MBA and MSc — no biggie.

  • Senior Content Strategist

    Jen Tweedie

    An advocate for plain language, accessibility, and causes she cares about, Jen brings an empathetic approach to content and her community.

  • Art Director

    Taylor Shute

    Make it look good, and make it look easy: that’s Taylor’s special talent. This guitar guy brings over a decade of design experience to our projects.

We’re always looking for ways to make an impact — for both our clients and communities where we live and work. Our agency provides each team member with dedicated time off for volunteering, and makes regular contributions to organizations that reflect our values.

And it’s our responsibility — as digital creatives and technologists — to help bridge the usability gap. Our R1AT group meets regularly to learn inclusive best practices and their applications in our everyday work. You can find us in attendance (and speaking!) at digital accessibility events.

It’s not enough to simply drive profits — we’re changing our policies, procedures, and actions to achieve a triple bottom line that supports people and the planet. As of 2020, we are a pending B Corp member organization.

The type of company you’d like to have over for dinner. A great group that helps make the daunting task of building a site enjoyable.

Tim Floyd, Creative Director