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Solberg Manufacturing A new B2B website that drives lead generation and highlights culture

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  • Accessibility
  • QA & Testing
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Content Strategy
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Systems Integration
  • Optimization
  • Digital Strategy

Redesigning to stay competitive and differentiate in a growing market

Solberg Manufacturing Group, a certified B Corp and family-owned air filter manufacturer, in business for 50 years, had an outdated website. It was over 10 years old, and had been built on a proprietary CMS that was  difficult for their internal team to make much-needed changes to. Additionally, it was not configured or optimized as a lead-generation tool, and Solberg knew they had to approach content differently to provide value to their customer base, stay ahead of the curve, and remain competitive. 

Together, Solberg and Reason One defined their priorities for the new site. 

  1. Attract and convert new, qualified leads
  2. Build and differentiate the Solberg brand
  3. Create value for customers across touchpoints 
  4. Scale with business growth

Strategy focused on long-term growth

Through a thoughtful Discovery and Definition process, Reason One helped Solberg to define success, providing a new, efficient, and performant website on Kentico MVC. 

The new website has an improved user experience, new design, and a new Resources section with a blog, case study, technical, document, and video content. A customer chat was also implemented as a tool to increase customer engagement before, during, and after a sale. Additionally the new site is integrated with Google Analytics and employs best-in-class SEO tactics to keep them at the top of Google rankings.

The new content management system (CMS) was integrated with their marketing stack, including their social media, to streamline email marketing and provide automation. 

Customer-focused experience that gets results

Solberg’s new website is highly customer-focused, allowing their different audience groups to easily find and interact with the technical information they need to specify or purchase their products. By reducing friction in the sales process, and providing entire sections of the website focused solely on helping their customer base, Solberg increased trust, value, and sales. 

The proof is in the data. Post-launch, the new website:

  • Increased web lead generation by 150%
  • Increased new customer acquisition by 68%

The ripple effect

Because Solberg is a certified B Corp, increasing their sales and revenue means they are able to use their business for even more good. The company invests heavily in sustainable practices by using renewable energy, using eco-friendly materials, and diverting waste from landfills. By committing to sustainability in these ways, they are differentiating and becoming a sustainable force in the global supply chain—and that benefits everyone.


Increase in web lead generation


Increase in new customer acquisition

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