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Lee HealthKentico MVC & UX overhaul for Florida’s largest public health system

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design & UX
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Accessibility
  • QA & Testing

Improving online patient services with task-oriented navigation

As the largest not-for-profit public health system in Florida, Lee Health is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of their community. Each year, Lee Health sees over 1 million patient contacts, with 1,480 physicians and six acute care locations across southwest Florida. 

Lee Health was already delivering on their promise of patient-centered care and innovation in person, but their online presence needed to match these standards as well. Their previous website wasn’t implemented on a CMS, making it inefficient to update and manage content. Lee Health also relied on 3rd-party platforms like MyChart, Healthgrades, BrassRing, and others in key parts of their user experience. More seamless integrations were needed to improve both internal management and patient usability at these touchpoints. 

To address UX and content management challenges, our team went through a deep discovery phase, conducting user and stakeholder surveys, user testing, competitor analysis, and technical evaluation. We proposed a detailed strategy focused on four main goals: Drive patient action, Improve usability, Enhance internal workflow, and Acquire new talent. 

Based on our research findings, we developed a simplified, task-based site structure for the new website. In order to improve usability for patients (and drive those patients to book appointments) our team created multiple ‘finder’ experiences for important areas of the website. Find a Doctor, Find a Location, and Our Services — once dense sections of non-functional content — now use a faceted search layout, allowing users to easily find content relevant to their specific location, needs, and preferences. UX was redesigned sitewide, particularly at touchpoints with Healthgrades and MyChart. 

The new site was implemented on Kentico MVC, providing more flexibility and customization to content managers. We also created a scalable, responsive design system for Lee Health, providing a full suite of customizable page templates and flexible widgets. 

When a large organization goes through a redesign, search rankings can take a hit. Our digital marketing team worked with Lee Health on an SEO mitigation plan, helping to set up URL redirects in order to protect their site against a dip in traffic after launch. 

Since launch, Lee Health has seen significant improvement in usability on their homepage, with a 32% decrease in bounce rate, and an 8% YOY increase in homepage pageviews. The site is faster for users as well, with average page load time decreased by 35%.

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