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A composable approach for an integrated network of sites

CREW Network, a global advocate for women in commercial real estate, initiated a significant digital transformation, including the redesign and replatforming of their main site and 55 integrated chapter sites. As an enterprise association with both a lean team and a robust network of chapters, the organization needed their solution to be built with flexibility and long-term brand and content integrity in mind. 

The recently-launched site provides CREW Network with: 

  • Enhanced speed

  • Greater accessibility for all users

  • A streamlined event registration experience

  • Event filters to search for CREW events and programs globally across 80+ markets

  • Configurable landing pages based on chapter needs

  • Lead generation email forms on every site

Relaunching CREW's integrated network

Digital transformation starts with deep upfront research and flows through tech, design, and content.

1. Platform Evaluation and Prototyping: Knowing CREW’s end goal was to have greater flexibility in their overall tech stack by moving to a composable architecture, and to bring the organization into a new digital era, we started with deep research in evaluation and prototyping of various platforms in order to make the right choice. After completing a needs analysis and market assessment, we decided on a composable DX platform of modular services for the web channel, that included: 

This modular approach allows for more digital agility, bringing together platforms that better align with CREW’s needs, and allowing them to replace parts (rather than the whole platform) later, when needs change.  

2. Design system: By defining a design system that provides set standards along with the flexibility to fit different chapter site needs, we were able to provide CREW with the tools necessary to protect brand integrity across all 56 sites. 

3. Content strategy: From information architecture to writing microcopy, we provided all content strategy, writing, and guidance for CREW’s new website.

New website, new direction

The new site was launched in September 2023, coinciding with CREW Network's Annual Convention.

This project represents a big step forward in digital transformation for enterprise associations serving international audiences. As features and functions are built out over time, the website will provide greater member and stakeholder value.

Behind the scenes

Want to see CREW Network's editor experience in action?

Watch Reason One CTO Michael Kinkaid give a tour of all the features and functions in this quick video!

CREW's homepage
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CREW's events page on mobile
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