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Cancer Research InstituteMaking online donations easy for all

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A daunting donation process: 4 pages, 40 fields, and 750 words long

The Cancer Research Institute has a unique mission among other cancer nonprofits, dedicated to funding breakthrough research in the promising field of immunotherapy—one cause to cure all cancers. We partnered with their team to redesign their website with a user-centric content strategy, custom online community hub, and a streamlined donation and fundraising experience. While they serve numerous audiences and educate the world about the potential of immunotherapy as a cure, CRI’s primary purpose is to fund research.

To set them up for fundraising success, we reimagined and streamlined their donation pages—using a task-oriented approach to make donating quick and convenient. The CRI online donation process went from 4 pages to 2, required 25% fewer fields and buttons, and decreased from 750 words to 150. To make their donation process more effective without complicating the user interface, we embedded FAQs and tooltips as contextual pop-ups where needed and employed “progressive disclosure” to display certain fields only when relevant. The results speak for themselves: more donations and more support for cancer immunotherapy research.


increase in online donations to fund cancer research

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