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Alzheimer's AssociationBig challenges require smart strategies

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Connecting audiences and resources with an informed information architecture

When Alzheimer’s Association engaged us, it was clear from the scale of their organization and the complexity of their web presence that solving their challenges would require a fair amount of research, planning, and strategy. In our discovery, we documented 9,304 URLs, 20+ websites, 36M+ annual visits, and 12 unique (yet critical) audiences. Translating this complexity into a single, seamless user experience began with creating a clear, logical information architecture (IA).

At the heart of every effective IA is a clear understanding and connection to target audiences and their unique identities. From professionals to supporters, caregivers, and persons with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s, the Association’s audiences were quite disparate. Through stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and user research/testing, we established a set of user archetypes and developed the user personas within them. We leveraged these insights to organize the high level IA structure and create content, design features, and calls to action that spoke to their individual needs and motivations.

To help make the new Alzheimer’s Association experience consistent and user-friendly, we crafted a comprehensive design system complete with reusable templates, modular components, and a digital style guide. These foundational features and tools empowered staff to expand and evolve their website over time, all while maintaining strong brand standards and supporting their crucial mission.

pages tamed to create one effective user experience

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