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Our Reason to B: Why we became a B Corp

Summary: Why become a B Corp? To us, the question is actually, "Why not?" We knew it was one of our goals when we first started. And although we are still a “New B,” we already realize the power of being a part of a global community of businesses doing good.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of business on society and the environment, more and more companies are turning to B Corp certification as a way to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, equity, and accountability. At Reason One, we are proud to be a certified B Corporation, having achieved certification in May 2022.

A twisting, turning dotted line, swirling across the image, ending at the B Corporation logo.

Reason One: It’s the right thing to do

So, why did we choose to become a B Corp? We believe it's the right thing to do. As a company that provides digital services, we might not have an explicit alignment with environmental or social causes, but we recognize the power and impact that businesses can have through the ripple effect. If all businesses did was behave responsibly, even that would be revolutionary. Why wouldn't we work and advocate for sustainability and equity? To us, being a responsible business is table stakes, and choosing not to be one is not an option.

Reason Two: Recruitment and retention

In addition to doing what's right, we have found that being a B Corp helps us attract and retain the right people on our team. We want to attract individuals who share the mindset that doing good can be achieved through their work, by working for a company that has that vision. Studies have shown that 64% of millennials say they won't take a job if a company doesn't have strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) values, and 88% of them believe their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues. By being a certified B Corp, we give our team space to give back through their work and our policies.

Reason Three: We stay competitive

Being a B Corp helps us stay competitive. It’s been a delightful surprise to hear how many of our team members chose Reason One because of our B Corp values. By living our commitment to sustainability, equity, and accessibility, we attract the folks we want to work with that share our values.

More than that, though, being a B Corp adds value to our overall culture. Knowing that we have a vested stake in the triple bottom line - people, planet, and profit - creates an environment of trust and safety. Despite what the market throws us, we can weather the difficult bits.

Being a certified B Corp is a no-brainer for us. It's the right thing to do. It helps us attract and retain the right people. It keeps us competitive, and it adds value to our culture. We thrilled to be a part of the global B Corp movement, and look forward to having more friends on the journey with us! Learn more about how we're using our business as a force for good, and drop us a line if you've got questions!