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May 3, 2021

Our journey to B Corp: Doing good from the beginning

Summary: We've been on the path to using our business as a force for good since our inception. Our goal of becoming B Corp certified has crystallized our practices and ensure they always line up with the triple bottom line.

What Is a B Corporation?

We’re glad you asked! Businesses are eligible for B Corporation (B Corp) certification for pledging and proving their dedication to exceptional social and environmental performance. 

Basically, certified B Corps have demonstrated their commitment to balancing purpose and profits. Since doing good has always been at the heart of our mission, starting the journey toward B Corp certification was a no brainer for Reason One. To show you what we mean, let’s go back to the beginning.

From the Get-Go: We’ve Always Had a B Corp Mentality

Reason One was born when two mid-sized digital agencies joined forces: ecentricarts and BlueKey. For our clients, this meant deeper full-service offerings, more resources, and a wider range of industry knowledge and experience. For our employees, this meant joining forces with digital experts already steeped in the culture of doing good while doing business. In other words, it was a win-win!

Both companies were already making decisions with an eye toward the “triple bottom line” (social impact, environmental impact, and profitability), and that was a huge factor behind bringing the two businesses under one umbrella. 

Our impact on the world around us was part of the discussion from day one. We realized that both companies had three key components that set us up for success:

  1. Alignment on a business philosophy focused on the triple bottom line
  2. Flexible policies promoting healthy work/life balance
  3. Portfolios full of clients already doing good in the world

Every day is a pressure test for our commitment to these principles. And we couldn’t be prouder of how it’s going. In fact, a recent survey of Reason One employees revealed our team’s increased willingness to take on more difficult professional challenges when a client’s mission is focused on doing good. Now that’s a B Corp attitude if we’ve ever seen one!

Starting the Journey to B Corp 

So how do you become a certified B Corp? Spoiler alert: you can’t just snap your fingers (wouldn’t that be nice?). One of our outcomes-oriented team members suggested implementing the “Getting to 80” program, which helps companies score the first 80 points on B Lab’s certification assessment. That was all we needed to hear, so we hit the ground running. 

“It’s really exciting. The road to certification is a lot of work, but it aligns with our team’s personal and professional ambitions, says our COO, Stacey Bailey. “We want to make sure we’re always evolving with respect to the triple bottom line, and the B Corp certification provides a framework for constant growth.”

Reason One is on a journey not only to serve clients who are making a difference but also to make a difference ourselves—both professionally and personally in our communities. Our pursuit of B Corp status is simply a way to make that commitment official. We are excited for this next chapter as we continue to help those who do good, do better. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our B Corp journey to get an inside look at the process and the motivation behind it!