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A match made in tech: How Kentico brought Reason One together

Summary: It’s a classic agency-meets-tech-meets-agency story. After years of bumping into each other at Kentico events—and on project shortlists—Reason One founders Ben Cash and Sean Kozey realized they shared the same values and depth of technical knowledge. All it took was one project together and the agency now known as Reason One was born.

Oftentimes, relationships between competing agencies can be contentious—when one keeps running up against the same sharks in the tank, it’s natural. But what happens when you realize your competition is actually complimentary to you, and you’re both aligned with the same technology? Like when Harry met Sally, things tend to fall into place. 

How Reason One came to be

Reason One was forged from a happy mix of shared dreams and mutual goals. The chemistry was undeniable when Reason One founders Sean Kozey and Ben Cash (both with separate agencies at the time) kept bumping into each other at Kentico conferences. Both agencies had impressive portfolios in nonprofit, healthcare, associations and the corporate sector but had different—yet complimentary— strengths. It was clear that we were rowing our boats in the same direction.Both of our teams shared a passion for harnessing technology to deliver extraordinary experiences to end-users, which was a key reason we partnered with Kentico as a platform provider. As we got to know each other better, we saw the magic that could happen if they combined our unique strengths. And so, Reason One was born from the union of two dynamic agencies, creating one digital powerhouse that was ready to take on the future.

In the immortal words of John C. Reilley in the classic film, Stepbrothers, “Did we just become best friends?”

A friendship for the ages

Looking back, it's clear that Kentico was a key (though unwitting!) player in transforming this friendly camaraderie into a fruitful partnership. Kentico didn't just provide a platform for Reason One to grow on a larger scale, but also became a critical part of our ability to deliver top-notch projects, including several projects that garnered Site of the Year and Site of the Month recognition.But the bond between the two goes beyond just shared projects. Open communication and teamwork are at the heart of this relationship. Both parties always keep the lines of feedback open, fostering continuous growth and evolution of the Kentico platform. This leads directly to more value for clients, with constant improvements and feature updates helping them stay ahead in the competitive digital race.

The future is bright

When it comes to the future, Reason One and Kentico are set to push their boundaries. Recent projects have challenged both teams to test the limits of technology and business models, all while maintaining a strong bond. This bond is a shining example of the power of collaboration and shared vision. As Kentico looks forward to their 20th anniversary milestone, this partnership stands as a story of growth, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to delivering value to clients. As we continue to grow and evolve together, there's a lot we can look forward to.