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Becoming a B Corp™

Using our business as a force for good.

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Since our inception, Reason One has been on a mission to use our business as a force for good. We're thrilled to be a Certified B Corporation™, joining thousands of other companies worldwide who want to redefine how businesses can affect social and environmental change. Come join us!

What is the B Corp movement?

Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To date, there are almost 4,000 B Corps in 150 industries and 74 countries around the world.

The B Corp movement is made up of companies who seek ways to go beyond the products and services they naturally create, and contribute to a better society. B Corps focus on outcomes rather than outputs, placing more emphasis on the ripple effect that is created through a company’s policies, clientele, team, and supply chain. 

Our journey as an agency

When BlueKey and ecentricarts merged to form Reason One, one core guiding principle was to intentionally use our business as a force for good. In forming our company, we were already doing many of the things required of B Corp certification, so intentionally aligning ourselves with the B Corp movement and pursuing certification was a natural next step.  

As with any new movement, we are on a journey. We're continuing to learn, adapt, and challenge ourselves so that we can support our communities and clients in better ways. To us, certification is only the beginning of a path toward a brighter future.

Using our business as a force for good

Becoming B Corp certified isn’t simply checking boxes on a list. There are many requirements that must be met for certification, but it doesn’t end there. 

To live our values out loud, we:

  • Operate our business with a triple-bottom line mindset. From hiring to client mix, our decisions consider how our actions affect people, planet, and profit. 
  • Intentionally partner with socially and environmentally conscious clientele. When Reason One was formed, we naturally had a strong base of nonprofit, healthcare, and socially-conscious clients. We’re looking forward to working with more organizations that share our values. 
  • Actively support and create a more inclusive, accessible web. The Reason One Accessibility Team (affectionately known as r1at) is a passionate, multidisciplinary group dedicated to creating digital experiences for everyone. 
  • Support DEI in the tech industry. The tech industry has a serious diversity problem. Black tech workers make up only 2.6% in Canada’s tech industry, and just 7% in the United States., as well as being significantly underpaid. To combat this disparity, we created the Reason One Mentorship & Scholarship program which awards scholarships and year-long mentorship opportunities to Black tech students. Get to know the 2021 program scholars.
  • Work towards a more sustainable web. In terms of carbon emissions, the internet is the world’s sixth largest country. With each project and partnership, we’re exploring ways to reduce the carbon footprints of the digital solutions we create. 

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