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Consumer expectations have changed, and your website has to keep pace. Yet, starting the process of redesigning your website can be daunting. 

Project framing removes the guesswork and provides a clear path forward.

What it is

Project framing is a three-step process to help you better define your digital needs and align them with your organizational goals. Through discussion, workshops, and consensus-building, we help you establish a clear path forward by:

  • Getting your stakeholders aligned on what your initiative should achieve 

  • Exploring possible solution approaches

  • Developing a potential scope and budget

What steps we take 

1 - Due diligence

First, we do our homework. We’ll conduct research to understand what's influencing your project. This may include: 

  • Reviewing project goals, business goals, and high-level requirements

  • Target audiences and their needs

  • Content & governance needs

  • SEO & analytics needs

  • Branding & messaging considerations

  • Evaluation of current site & performance 

  • Audit of your existing tech stack

  • Potential solution approaches

2 - Framing workshop

Next, with the information gathered during due diligence, we conduct a one-day workshop that will shape the scope. The outcome is a project brief that outlines our common understanding of: 

  • The project goals

  • What the end product could be

  • Anticipated scope of work

  • Expertise needed to tackle the work 

  • Scope alignment with stakeholders

3 - Scope definition & initial estimate 

Finally, we pull it all together and provide you with deliverables to aid your decision-making:

  • Our understanding of the overall scope

  • Project cost range projections

  • Project team requirements

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Scope and budget guidance for any next steps

How it works

Now, let’s talk about logistics.

Fully remote - We'll use digital tools like Zoom, Miro, and feedback (questionnaires, interviews) to make this an efficient and collaborative experience for all. 

3 weeks - The three-step process takes approximately three business weeks, and includes the time to:

  • Complete research and stakeholder outreach

  • Plan and hold the Framing Workshop

  • Summarize outcomes and provide recommended scope and budget guidance 

Who’s involved - This will involve several stakeholder groups in your organization, including:

  • Marketing / Communications

  • IT

  • Product & service delivery

We will also draw on those who can provide information on your organizational priorities as well as the needs and interests of your external and internal audiences.

Contact us today to discuss your project and how framing can streamline your process.

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