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Weedman USA

Empowering 150 franchisees to do business better

Services used on this project:

  • Digital Strategy

  • Web Design & UX

  • Web Development

  • Systems Integration

  • Optimization

Managing a national brand with localized marketing for the world’s largest lawn care franchise

Weed Man’s success is rooted in franchise owners that have strong connections to their community. Empowering franchisees meant architecting a network of 150 franchisee microsites on top of a Kentico-powered corporate site with an engaging national brand presence.

The solution was to route website visitors to localized franchisee microsites based on their IP address for a more engaging, hyper-local experience. Each microsite contains global branding assets managed by the corporate office, as well as localized variations based on the market and individual franchise service offerings.

The franchisee Administrative Dashboard allowed owners can tailor their microsite with their own content and promote their specific social media channels. Finally, we designed action-oriented, localized lead forms fully integrated with Weed Man’s CRM, setting franchisees up for success.

47%increase in user engagement

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