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Economical InsuranceBuilding a better experience for both users and staff

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Giving content editors more control and improving the customers' experience

Economical Insurance came to us for help in upgrading their broker extranet and group benefit platforms to the latest version of the Kentico CMS, as well as replacing the dated proprietary CMS with Kentico for their primary consumer-facing website. Along the way, we addressed Economical’s usability issues and efficiency pain points across all three websites in one fell swoop. We incorporated a host of custom, contemporary functionalities into the new CMS—delivering an insurance experience that is simple and easy to understand for their users and convenient to manage for Economical staff.

Our partnership with Economical increased their overall site performance for both consumers and internal content administrators, adding geolocation targeting to their toolset so insurance offerings can be tailored to unique markets in real time.

increase in both time on site and pages visits

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