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Understanding Hospital and Healthcare System Intranets

However, they are often an afterthought in healthcare systems. While some intranets are very good, others are underfunded and/or lack the staff and resources necessary to be fully leveraged. External websites typically get extra care and attention, yet the intranet is often not tested for UI/UX, has only a basic design, and might even be pieced together from sites on many different platforms. This dynamic has been evident for a long time, but is particularly magnified during this current season where many staff are working from home and a conduit for internal communication and community is more critical than ever.

This research study is being conducted to gain an understanding of what constitutes the best intranets and to understand more about organizations who lack the funding and resources to elevate their intranet. Through our findings, we seek to help organizations understand the steps necessary to build a better intranet and identify qualities of the best hospital and healthcare system intranets.

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