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Turn one-time donors into long-term supporters.

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Every nonprofit experiences donation dips and spikes, especially during holidays, year-end giving, or crisis giving. Although donation spikes are critical, these one-time donors often leave the funnel after the “event” has taken place.

It’s time to put digital storytelling and optimization to work!

4 steps to increase donor retention

1. Showcase success stories

Storytelling isn’t a new concept when it comes to fundraising, but it’s still a powerful tool. Individual, one-time donors want to know how their donation can or will help someone. The key is to be specific and human.

Showcase your nonprofit’s impact with:

  • A video of someone receiving your goods or services
  • Statistics on the number of people or families you’ve served (if you distribute financial support, identify the dollars that went straight to those in need)
  • Photos and quotes from real recipients
  • Photos and quotes from donors and why they donate

The content is largely up to you, but the subject matter must resonate with your audience. Show donors how their support can make a difference.

2. Create integrated campaigns

This is where your stories meet the data. What are the specific messages you’re mapping to the one-time donor that will encourage them to give again and again? Can you push messages from your website to social and email campaigns?

Assess the tools you have available to help spread the message, how they integrate with one other, and whether they are set up to track your efforts.

3. Measure the results and build a roadmap

Now that you have a clear understanding of how your digital tools integrate and are implementing your campaigns, you can analyze and test these campaigns. Use a robust analytics dashboard for insights on engagement, gaps, and opportunities to improve conversions.

It’s important to meet donors where they are. Data can help you determine what’s working and what isn’t so that you can build a roadmap and shepherd donors through their journey.

4. Optimize

From there, A/B testing will help you identify what messages and creative convert best so you can optimize towards increased conversions.

One-time donors have already demonstrated that they believe in your cause. The challenge of retaining them in your donor pool can be solved by gaining a deep understanding of what messages persuade recurring donors, and then reinforcing that messaging in your campaigns reaching one-time donors.

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